BCEFT - Boulder Community for Emotionally Focused Therapists

A Community Network for Emotionally Focused Therapists In the Boulder Area

Our mission is:

  • To promote the learning and practice of EFT
  • To provide a support network for EFT therapists
  • To encourage certification in EFT
  • To expand public awareness of EFT

Important New Video on EFT Research:

Sue Johnson on Soothing the Threatened Brain



Congratulations to Julie Marino!

On behalf of ICEEFT, the CO Center for EFT, and the Denver & Boulder EFT Communities we are privileged to announce that Julie Marino is a newly certified Emotionally Focused Therapist!

Julie's work is truly amazing, lovely and moving. In a supervision group Julie's video moved us all to tears as she brilliantly moved her couple into stage 2. Julie has a high Attachment Language IQ and we are all so impressed.

Thank you for making the Boulder Community for EFT a better place!